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China Health Economics Institute (CHEI), established by the authority of State Staff Committee in 1991, is a research institute at national level which is directly under the leadership of Ministry of Health (MOH).
* Missions
· To conduct policy research on health development and reform and provide policy recommendations for policy-makers;
· To conduct empirical and interventional health economic research, laying out the basis of the macro-economic policy and the micro-economic management in health care sector;
· To conduct researches with relevant ministries and professional organizations to promote national and international exchanges and communications;
· To coordinate and manage the China Network for Training and Research on Health Economics and Financing...

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What’s New
· The Announcement for the publication of " Policy Briefing "
To strengthen exchange and dissemination of our research findings and major policy recommendations, starting from Oct. ...

·National Health Accounts and Policy Studies
·Health Finance and Performance
·Health Security
·Payment Systems,Medical Classification and Coding
·Hospital Management and Reform
·Rural Health
·Community Health
·Public Health and Risk Management
·Health Human Resources
·Drag Policy
·Health Policy Evaluation and Technology Assessment
·Global Health
·Health Development Strategy
·Health Economic Information
·New Rural Cooperative Medical Scheme

·China Network
·China Cooperative Medical Scheme
·China Health Development Forum
·Secretariat of the Policy & Management   Research Expert Committee

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